My story

Hi, I'm Diana and I live in an old cottage on the border of Scotland with my partner Mick, who is a woodworker.

Following several years studying art I continued working in both arts, and crafts in various corners of the globe.  I am also involved with traditional building using natural and local materials.

We are strongly influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement which calls for all aspects of a build to be aesthetically aware. 

A calm palette of earthy colours and an abstract style that has developed over many years are my way of connecting the interior space to it's natural environment.

I attended High Wycomb College of Furniture, Central School of Art, London and St Martin's, Lancaster.  
I have exhibited in the UK, New Mexico, USA, Canada and Spain. My work is in many private collections and I continue to work in my new studio space in the cottage with an ever increasing pull towards the stunning surroundings of Scotland's wild places.